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Things To Do In Greensboro, N.C.

Some may think that being the third-largest city in North Carolina by population makes Greensboro a busy place. In fact, quite the opposite. The city of Greensboro, N.C. is peaceful, filled with parks and colorful gardens. The cultural scene of the city is well developed with museums, interactive Science Centers and amusement parks.

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Best places to live in California in 2022

Whether the newer generations heard of the California Dream or not, the fact of the matter is that to some extent we all think about the beautiful life on the West Coast. The promise of gold didn’t change much. What changed is what people understand through it. Gold, nowadays, stands for success, achieving your dreams, and thriving in your field, whatever that might be. So is California as good as it used to be? Is it better? Are people less attracted to that laid-back way of life that Californians cherish so much or is that lifestyle gone?

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From Forest to Music Stores - How Martin Guitars are Made

In the past century, the guitar-manufacturing business has become saturated with dozens of widely recognized brands and hundreds of lesser known ones. From Gibson to Fender to Ibanez and Takamine, there’s no shortage of selection for anyone seeking to buy a high quality instrument that will serve them for years to come. 

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Billionaire Abodes: Homes of the Ultra Wealthy

For most of us, homes are little more than a utilitarian part of life. They provide us with a place to sleep, a place to eat, and a place to kick back for a few hours before we have to face the next working day. Sure, we do our best to make our houses feel like homes, but at the end of the day they exist to serve the purpose of providing us shelter and not much else. 

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7 fun things to experience in Land O’ Lakes Florida

When we talk about Florida and fun things to do, most people think about the sugar-white sands, orange sunsets, and the endless coastline populated with world-class beaches and golf courses. But on a different note, Florida is much more than that. It has an abundance of attractions and a versatile fauna and flora that compliments the area beautifully. 

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Hot Springs in the USA

This time of year, the weather is still quite chilly. In some of the northernmost states, the ground is still covered with snow, trees have yet to regrow their leaves, and the grass forms a uniform brown carpet covering the ground. Further south the weather is warmer, but unless you live in one of the southernmost states, chances are the weather is still quite crisp. 

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